Back to basics: let me introduce myself

I’m little Lina from little Slovenia. I’m already 19, but I don’t feel like it. I’m pretty mature and responsible but I just don’t feel ready to do a lot of things like driving a car etc. I was living on my own for a while, then I realized I don’t want to live alone, it’s really deppressing. Anyway, my sister came back from Berlin and I’m not lonely anymore, problem resolved :) Soo,… I’m studying fashion design. This is making me fall in love with life. I can do this forever!

There are many other things I love. At first place are family and my boyfriend. And some friends I have. I get along with my dad very well. He wasn’t a hero known by the world, but a hero he was, to his little girl. He’s closest to me and no one will ever replace him. So thank you dad, for making me be the best that I can be. I mention her before – my sister Anja. I greatly admire and look up to her, each and every day. I’m the luckiest sis in the world, to have grown up next to her. Oohh I almost forgot my little angel! my dog (labrador) is the cutest thing on this world and she has such a nice personality. She puts smile on my face everyday :) I will post many photos of her :)

While I have a wide variety of general interests, my actual range of hobbies is much narrower. My natural curiosity pushes me to read books, magazines, and internet articles about many subjects but that doesn’t necessarily mean all of my activities are related to what I read.

My list of hobbies includes drawing, skethcing, sewing, shopping, jogging, dancing, taking photographs, reading, walking, writing, singing, biking, eating, listening to music, traveling, and visiting theatres, museums, art galleries, libraries, parks,.. I enjoy being active, staying fit, feeling well, and just being healthy. My favorite season is summer because I love the outdoors. My main mode of transportation in the summer is bicycling. I also enjoy rollerblading, walking, swimming, doing pilates, yoga, step, and other exercise classes. Walking is something I do almost everyday. I don’t own a car but I don’t mind because I own two perfectly good legs. But I don’t only walk out of necessity. I stroll, too. I wander around neighborhoods, parks, and nature trails because I enjoy observing new and old places. Sometimes I bring a dog or a friend and other times I walk alone. Strolling alone allows me to focus on my thoughts without too many distractions. I bike much like a walk: both out of necessity and for leisure.

Shopping is fun but I can’t do it everyday for long periods of time. Ideally, I would shop for an hour once a week. I get tired of most shopping malls pretty quickly but I adore thrift shops, flea markets,.. Clearly, I’m a bargain hunter but I also shop secondhand because I’m a nostalgic person. I admire vintage and antique things for having a history that new merchandise doesn’t.

I listen to music when I’m walking and at the gym or at home while dancing around. Samples of artists I typically listen to include Rihanna, Rita Ora, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Blink 182, Madonna, The Sounds, Ciara, Ellie Goulding, Band Of Horses, The Beatles, Drake, Green Day, Good Charlotte, No Doubt, Kid Cudi, Kylie Minogue, Led Zep, M.I.A., Selah Sue, The Ting Tings, Whitney Houston,.. but, trust me, there are many more. Classical music relaxes me. For live music, I generally listen to indie pop/rock music because so much of it is upbeat. I try to save more serious music for private moments ;)

Watching. Trains, autos, sky, construction etc. Sitting quietly and observing things, is second nature to me. And questioning when I don’t understand is first. While now I can articulate and describe it, back then, I think I understood that a lot of effort goes into it and felt that everything could be figured out. The element here is, that things can be moulded and can fit in.

Writing is one of all those things which I used to love doing, which I cannot do now because of various reasons. I’s my shell, where I can hide, it’s where I’m the hero again and where things cement and mould into each other, the way I want.

All in all, my hobbies may not be as varied or exciting as many people’s but I appreciate all the activities in my life. I dedicate time and effort to them because I believe in doing things with sincerity. I may not be the best at my hobbies, either, but at least I thoroughly enjoy them and try not to take them for granted. Each and every one enriches some aspect of my life differently.

My judgement is mostly right, because as I said, I never get into something without thinking about it. The only place where my prognosis might be wrong, is here, the blogging world. It still hurts to think that my idea failed to materialise.

I am a bad loser. I cannot stand losing. And yet success in competitions, exams and even sports, has eluded me. I set high standards (probably too high, thanks to being the hero in my small little world) and when the bubble broke, I used to feel very very low.

But one thing is for sure. What I want to be, what I really want to be, what I really really want to be is a writer. And I am one. It doesn’t matter if no one reads what I write. I have always been the hero. The skies and the walls and the chairs and my friends are there for me. That is why I say, I write for myself.

It probably is a wall, erected to block the disappointment of not being what I imagined what I write will bring to me, but it has a door. You can knock, I am waiting.

P.S: The post should tell you one more thing about me; I can be random and let my thinking cleave it’s own path.


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